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GlidePathCX Publishes Its First Weekly US Airport Industry Sentiment Score Report

US Airport Sentiment Score

The passenger sentiment score for the past 7 days failed to reach the airport industry benchmark.

The US airport industry’s passenger sentiment score failed to reach the industry benchmark of 8.3/10.0 on each of the past 7 days.

June 3, 2022 @ 10am EDT

Last week, GlidePathCX engaged more than 1 million US airport passengers with emails, including a request to complete a 1-minute passenger experience survey. On each of the past 7 calendar days, the US airport industry failed to reach the pre-COVID industry benchmark of 8.3 out of 10.0.

Starting today, GlidePathCX will publish a weekly report that shows how passengers rate their overall airport experience (as measured by sentiment on a scale of 1 to 10). Yesterday (Thursday, June 2nd) was a low-water mark with a sentiment score of only 7.60 out of 10.

For the week ending June 3rd, the percentage of business traveler respondents was 17.3% vs. 82.7% for leisure travelers.

With ongoing staffing issues (airport concessions staff and airline staff), and an overall negative view of travel going into the weekend, passengers clearly expressed dissatisfaction.

GlidePathCX will continue to closely monitor airport passenger sentiment.

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