Boulder Beer Tap House at DEN Airport

What’s the next level for points or perks? A loyalty program with your airport

Most travelers are aware of their airline’s frequent flyer program. But how about a loyalty program with their local airport? They exist, and in fact, airports could be the next industry sector to see substantial loyalty program penetration.

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silhouette of airplane in golden hour

Passenger Tracking Provide Airports With Insight Into Ever-Changing Consumer Demands, Standards

Products like Thanks Again from GlidePathCX, which provides ecommerce solutions in airports, prove their value in the form of a rewards program active in many airport shops and restaurants around the country, which can provide discounts, loyalty points and other savings in exchange for access to user data.

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woman walking on pathway while strolling luggage

Dufry to Buy Benettons’ Autogrill, Forming $6 Billion Group

The Benettons, who control Autogrill, will transfer their 50.3% stake to Dufry, receiving 0.158 new Dufry share for each Autogrill share, according to a statement early Monday. The Italian family will own as much as 25% of the group after the combination.

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photo of air new zealand in flight

Economy passengers could soon lie down on airplanes—meet the airline that’s doing it first

One airline wants to cure to these traveling ailments: Air New Zealand recently announced the world’s first lie-flat “pods” for economy class airplanes, set to debut in 2024.

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Airports Have Rewards Programs, Too

Hotels and airlines aren’t the only travel-related organizations with appealing loyalty programs. Airports have them, too. An airport rewards program can deliver some great benefits and encourage travelers to fly more from an individual airport.

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Should You Join An Airport Rewards Program?

There are plenty of loyalty programs available to consumers and the travel sector is no exception. With hotel, airline and rental car rewards programs available to frequent travelers, are other loyalty programs worth it? Even more so, are airport rewards programs worth it if you don’t spend much time there?

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