US Airport Sentiment Score

GlidePathCX Publishes Its First Weekly US Airport Industry Sentiment Score Report

The US airport industry’s passenger sentiment score failed to reach the industry benchmark of 8.3/10.0 on each of the past 7 days.

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ReachTV and GlidePathCX Partner to Launch New Data Platform

ReachTV, the largest airport television network, and leading airport customer data analytics company GlidePathCX, are forming a strategic partnership to create a new platform featuring data compilation and analysis tied to consumer spending habits within airports.

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Airports Have Rewards Programs, Too

Hotels and airlines aren’t the only travel-related organizations with appealing loyalty programs. Airports have them, too. An airport rewards program can deliver some great benefits and encourage travelers to fly more from an individual airport.

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Flycoin Announces Partnership with Thanks Again

Flycoin, Inc., a travel rewards cryptocurrency company, announces today their partnership with Thanks Again, LLC, the operator of a popular loyalty program for airports. The partnership will revolutionize how travelers earn and spend their loyalty rewards in airports across the United States.

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Should You Join An Airport Rewards Program?

There are plenty of loyalty programs available to consumers and the travel sector is no exception. With hotel, airline and rental car rewards programs available to frequent travelers, are other loyalty programs worth it? Even more so, are airport rewards programs worth it if you don’t spend much time there?

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