GlidePathCX’s Airport Industry Sentiment Score Dropped to 8.01 from 8.24 Last Week

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Airline performance covered as a new sport? The U.S. airport industry’s passenger sentiment score decreased 2.8% as airline cancellation and delays become a feature of sports reporting.

August 26, 2022 @ 10am EDT

During the past 7 calendar days, the U.S. airport industry’s overall sentiment score decreased by 2.8% to 8.01 from 8.24. The slight decline in passenger sentiment coincided with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s planned implementation of a dynamic airline performance dashboard. With this new development, Yahoo Sports picked up the story and is now treating airline performance as a sport, roughly along the same lines as basketball or American football.

GlidePathCX continues to engage millions of airport passengers each week by reaching passengers on their mobile and laptop devices while they are in the airport. The majority of these electronic communications contained a Passenger Experience Survey, with overall sentiment measured on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best).

GlidePathCX’s Sentiment Score was calculated for each airport on a near real-time basis via the company’s proprietary Insight360SM dashboard. The resulting data was then aggregated to calculate a sentiment score for the U.S. airport industry as a whole.

For the week ending August 26th, the percentage of business traveler respondents was significantly higher than in previous weeks: 24.3% for business travelers vs. 75.7% for leisure travelers. In previous weeks the percentage of business travelers hovered at around 20%.

Yahoo Sports republished an online article from The Hill last week that stated, “Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a letter to CEOs in the airline industry on Thursday the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be launching a dashboard to help customers determine what they are owed if a flight is delayed or canceled.”

“The Department is creating an interactive dashboard that provides air travelers with a single venue where they can locate easy-to-read, comparative summary information on the services or amenities that each of the large U.S. airlines provide when the cause of a cancelation or delay was due to circumstances within the airline’s control,” Buttigieg told the [airline] CEOs.

Come Labor Day weekend, fans of all sports will be able to compare the performance of their favorite airline just like they follow their favorite American football teams embarking upon their regular season schedules.

GlidePathCX will continue to closely monitor airport passenger sentiment and related insights and trends.

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